College Expenses

Aggressive Monmouth County College Expenses Attorneys

In the state of New Jersey, parents must pay for their child to go to college, which comes as a surprise to many individuals. Even though most children don’t take their parents to court to enforce this obligation, this becomes a more common issue in Monmouth County courts when the application is made by divorced or separated parents.

The reasons why parents may fight over college expenses may vary, but there are a few common issues that are seen by family court attorneys. Some of those common issues are:

  • Parents who want a child support reduction when the child is at school
  • Parents who refuse to pay for college when they were previously obligated to do so
  • Parents who keep the child in school as long as possible in an effort to prolong child support payments
  • Parents who do not want the child to have any student loans
  • Parents who cannot agree on where the child will go to school

In certain situations, parents can become obligated to pay for law school and graduate school in addition to undergraduate school. These kinds of applications for college expenses are becoming more common with the increasing need for advanced degrees to get higher paying jobs. Payments such as these can devastate a parent who is not ready for the prolonged and increased payments the application will bring.

No matter what situation you are currently facing, our Monmouth County college expenses attorneys have dealt with many applications on both sides. Our law firm has also helped clients who are looking to get class schedules and transcripts for your child’s college or advanced schooling. Thus, if you are looking to enforce the other parent’s obligation to pay or you are trying to limit the amount you have to pay out, our family court lawyers can help you get the result that you want. Call our 24/7 hotline at 732-773-2768 to receive a free initial consultation with one of our family law attorneys with no obligation today!

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