DYFS Actions

Experienced Monmouth County DYFS Attorneys

The powerful organization of the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) can ruin your life. A small incident or a simple misunderstanding can get blown out of proportion and lock you “into the system”, altering your family’s future. Your best chance of fighting for your rights may depend on the lawyer you choose and how soon you hire one. Waiting could cost you everything. Anything you happen to say to DYFS can be used against them, just like with the police. Statements made to DYFS are often forwarded to law enforcement and they can be used to convict you or press additional charges. This is why hiring an experienced Monmouth County DYFS attorney as soon as possible is critical.

At the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., our Freehold DYFS attorneys have a long track record of dealing with DYFS to not only shut down their investigation but to also shut down the prosecution before it has a chance to get going. Our team of tough, smart Monmouth County DYFS lawyers know how to protect your family. If you want to retain custody of your children and stay out of prison, call us the second you hear from DYFS to speak with one of our attorneys with our 24/7 hotline at 732-773-2768.

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