Professional Monmouth County Emancipation Lawyers

Contrary to popular belief, child support and/or the obligation to pay college expenses does not automatically terminate in New Jersey. If you do nothing about it, your child support will never end! This shocks most people to learn that without filing for emancipation, your child support will continue forever! In order to terminate child support obligations, you must ask a New Jersey Superior Court Judge to emancipate your child. In order to emancipate your child, a motion for emancipation must be filed with the Monmouth County Family Court.

Deciding the right time for a child to be emancipated can be difficult to ascertain, even for a lawyer. While children who are not in college are not automatically emancipated at 18 years old, this is usually a good starting point to consider emancipation. However, this does not end the analysis. Motion practice in Monmouth County Superior Court can be very complicated for a pro se litigant. Many clients that we have met at our firm who tried it on their own and failed ended up making the whole process more expensive for them in the long run. That is why it makes sense logically and financially to invest in a Monmouth County emancipation attorney to make sure that the motion is done right the first time.

Emancipation Attorneys in New Jersey

A child who is a college graduate or does not go to school full-time may be emancipated. But keep in mind, this is also not automatic. With families being dynamic, two Monmouth County family court judges may come to two different decisions regarding emancipation, even if the cases are very similar. Children with special needs as well as children attending law school or graduate school can raise additional questions. As a result, hiring a team of tough, aggressive Monmouth County emancipation lawyers at the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., is in your best interest. Our law firm fights for our clients and will back down to no one. To see what our emancipation lawyers can do for you, call our 24/7 hotline at 732-773-2768 and schedule a free initial consultation with us today!

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