Tough Monmouth County Harassment Attorneys

Harassment is a common, yet serious offense in Monmouth County. This type of offense is most commonly the cause of action used in domestic violence cases. Harassment is a complex area of law that is so vague and broad, that what is considered harassment seems to change on a yearly basis. Most of our clients are shocked to learn that a few phone calls or a heated discussion could lead to a criminal charge. With the law regarding harassment being so situation-specific, if you are facing a harassment charge you need an experienced Monmouth County harassment attorney that has a long track record of successfully defending clients with this charge. At the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., our team of tough, smart Monmouth County defense attorneys understand that you are a real person with real issues. Our law firm does not offer cookie-cutter representation. No matter how complex or small your case is, you can be sure that our law firm will fight for you and work hard to get you the best possible result for a fair price. Call our 24/7 hotline at 732-773-2768 any time, even on nights and weekends, to receive a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your case.

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